National Security

    Building a future-oriented new generation security capability framework, constructing a distributed national network security brain based on the new framework to ensure the safety and security of the digital era.

    Big Data Intelligence

    Focusing on vertical fields such as digital cities, connected vehicles, and industrial Internet, providing data operation services through a big data intelligent operating system.

    Smart Life

    Empowering home security intelligence to create a safe and secure smart living environment for society and households, ensuring peace and comfort.

    Internet Products

    Dual-end deployment and panoramic layout, leveraging the advantage of a matrix strategy, reaching billions of users.


    About Botslab

    Botslab is a leading global tech company that specializes in creating intelligent and innovative products for family security. We are at the forefront of the industry, dedicated to empowering security through intelligent vision. As a subsidiary of 360 Group, we inherit the core competencies of Intelligent AI power and big data capabilities, allowing us to excel in our field. Our mission is to provide complete peace of mind by enabling people to see clearly and intelligently in realtime. With our diverse range of home security products, including security cameras, video doorbells, dash cameras, and kid's watches, we are committed to upholding our motto: "Be Secure, Be Botslab."

    100 billion+ 

    Market Value


    Global Cybersecurity Company Ranking

    1.53 billion

    PC Users

    1.1 billion

    Mobile Devices

    3+ million

    Enterprise Users

    2.5+ billion

    R&D Investment


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